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goddo supido yu

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This is a collection of images found on the net, showing young girls (sukeban; 女番 ) and young boys ( bosozokus; 暴走族 ) pushed towards, and by, a movement of a crazy energy and speed. To differentiate themselves from a society and a system that they reject, and to show the sign of belonging to this new chosen family, their local band, they will dress in tokkofoku ( 特攻服, special attack clothing ) and attach on their head the hachimaki ( 鉢巻 ). On their modified motorcycles, 400cm cube, they indulge in shinai boso ( 市内暴走 ), that is to say reckless driving in town, slaloming between cars and burning red lights for the purpose to experience ever stronger sensations.

I discovered the bosozoku phenomenon,
暴走族, in the manga I used to read when I was a teenager; AKIRA ( アキラ ),
GTO ( グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ ),
Rokudenashi Blues ( ろくでなしBLUES ).
I wanted to look like Kaneda, to have a great bike like his and hit the devastated roads of Neo-Tokyo at top speed with my best friend Tetsuo. I wanted to fight as well as Taison Maeda, and I was just hoping as Eikichi Onizuka to lose my virginity.

limited 30 copies